Importing Bonus Payrolls


  • First, download and complete the Bonus Import file (attached). Save the file in CSV format. 
  • Using your start widget, go to Process Payroll mceclip0.png and select the prep process steps mceclip1.png  for your Bonus payroll
  • Under Add/Edit Batches, select view payroll batches

  • Select Import Batches mceclip3.png
  • Choose File and select your bonus payroll import file. Ensure that columnar is selected

  • Select OK
  • After you have imported, you will be given import results. Select 'Back' and then select Open Batch For Edit mceclip5.png  to review the information
  • Select OK, leaving all boxes unchecked

  • Make any changes as needed, Save and Update, and Close Batch
  • Return to the Payroll Prep Process steps and complete the remaining processing steps, skipping Run Accruals, and Submit payroll.