Survey Collectors Guide


Assigning a Survey (Survey Collectors)


  • To assign a Survey, go to Team > HR > Surveys > Survey Collectors
  • Click 2021-12-16_16h59_14.png
  • Select the employee(s) that should be assigned the survey, which survey should be assigned, and the duration of the survey, then select 'Assign.' 

  • To view those who have been assigned the survey, click the hyperlink in the 'Invited' column. 



Survey Answers

Once the survey has ended, the responses will be available to review. Reponses will not be available until the end date has been reached.

  • To view survey responses, go to Team > HR > Surveys > Survey Answers
    • If the survey is set to Anonymous, any columns with information specific to the employee (Employee ID, Name, Days employed, etc...) will be blank or populated with 'Unavailable.'


Survey Answer Statistics

Survey Answers Statistics is a report page where you can select a survey from the global filter on the page and make further filter selections based on gender, as well as Department or Employee Type.

  • Go to Team > HR > Surveys > Survey Answers Statistics2021-12-23_11h43_07.png
    • 1. Click 'All Survey Collectors'
    • 2. Select the survey you would like to report on. Additional filter options are available
  • In this report, the question labels and answers are shown. If gender is defined in employee
    profiles, and you have selected to filter on a specific gender type, the Gender column will show a count based on your gender filter.